SDP Twin Turbo Coolant Tank 01-07 LB7/LLY/LBZ


SDP Twin Turbo Coolant Tank 01-07 LB7/LLY/LBZ

Custom Powercoat Color Options- SDP Powdercoat

Current lead time for fabricated & powder coated parts is 20-25 business days from the time order is placed until it ships.

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Our color options are nearly unlimited, including custom color match if pricing and time frame are not an issue. Off the shelf colors include an assortment of 9000+ options with multiple variants. We keep around 250-300 of the more popular options at our facility for faster turnaround. Below are some options that are more popular and we keep on the shelf from


High Gloss Black


Semi-Gloss Black


Flat Black


Dark Grey Sparkle


Gloss White


Illusion Cherry

Illusion Cherry Orange

Illusion Orange

Illusion Royal

Illusion Sour Apple

Wicked Green

Silver Vein

Alien Silver

Autumn Bronze

Baltic Silver

Black Frost

Bronze Chrome

Cadillac Grey


Caterpillar Yellow II


Chameleon Teal

City Lights

Cosmic Grey


Dazzling Red



Disco Moss

Disco Purple



Flaming Gold


Forged Charcoal


Fractured Blue

Fractured Cherry

Fractured Red

Fractured Violet



 Glowing Yellow


Greystone Metallic

HD Teal

Heavy Silver

Iced Candy Blue

Illusion Blueberry

Illusion Blue Berg

Illusion Copper

Illusion Gambler

Illusion Green Ice

Illusion Pink

Illusion Purple

Illusion Rootbeer

Illusion Shocker

Illusion Smurf

Illusion Tangerine Twist

Illusion Tropical Fusion

Illusion Violet

Indy Orange

Kiwi Green

Lazer Crystal

Lime Juice Green


LP Blue


Magic Teal

Maroon Bliss

Maui Blue

Mega Grey

Memphis Gold


Misty Midnight



Neon Green



Palomino Starlight


Passion Pink


Pewter Bronze II

Polished Aluminum

Shocker Yellow

Silver Metallic II

Super Red Sparkle

Tractor Green


Ultra Black Chrome


Ultra Blue Sparkle

US Burnt Bronze

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